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Channel 4

 1 x 30 minutes
Transmitted January 2008

A Century Films
production for First Cut
Channel 4

Sam Booth
Music Curator
Christian von Borries
Pablo Grillo
Consultant Editor
Emily West
Executive Producer
Ruth Pitt
Produced, Filmed & Directed by
Lenka Clayton and James Price


A Piece of the Moon (2008)

Have you ever looked up at the Moon and thought, I want to own a piece of that?

Well over 280,000 acres of it have been sold in Britain by Cornish businessman Francis P Williams. But what gives him the right to do this, and why do so many people want to "own" a rock in the sky that they can't even get to?

A Piece of the Moon tells the stories of people who've bought land on the Moon and the businessman who's sold it to them. Freed from the rules and restrictions of Earth, the Moon is a place where it seems anything is possible, and anything could be real. We meet a family who can't afford to live together who are holding out for their Moon property to make their fortunes, a builder whose lunar land is a new home to escape to when the Sun expands, and a Swedish man who's planning to build a small cottage on the Moon within the next 10 years.

"Poignant, lovingly filmed portraits of people who share a dream."
Sunday Times

"Delightful Viewing"
Time Out

"An affectionate documentary"
Daily Telegraph