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Channel 4

4 x 3 minutes
Transmitted November 2006
A Century Films production for
Channel 4

Ben Todd
Executive Producer
Brian Hill
Edited and Directed by
Tomas Leach


I Am Amazon (2006)

Four films about everyday life in the Amazon region of Brazil. Four ordinary people living in an extraordinary place. 

The Bus Driver
Vanderlei’s leaves his home at 4am, taking a 60km round trip through the deforested land of Rondonia to collect local children on their way to school.

The Immigrant
When José’s wife left him, he packed up and moved from Sao Paulo to the Amazon. He cleared a small patch of land, built his own house in the jungle and enjoys life in his hammock.

The Champion
José Alberto is Tae Kwon Do champion of the Amazon. To compete, he has to leave his home town of Barcelas and travel 3 days down river by boat to Manaus, the sprawling Amazonian metropolis.

The Attendant
Floating in the Amazon river is Jorge’s petrol station. His job is to sit here and wait, filling up the little river boats and dreaming of life on a farm.