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Channel 4

1 x 30 minutes
Transmitted February 2009
A Century Films production for
First Cut, Channel 4

Rupert Houseman
Mat Davidson
Assistant Producer
Ally Roberts
Andrew Willsmore
Executive Producer
Katie Bailiff
Produced & Directed by
Jamie Balment


Break In: Make My Day (2009)

An Englishman's home has always been his castle, but today's castles are being fortified with the most advanced security systems ever known.

Break in: Make My Day explores the extreme lengths some British homeowners are prepared to go to defend their property from burglars and intruders.

Some are taking the law into their own hands. This observational documentary follows Joe Weston-Webb fight back after a series of criminal attacks; he's defending his property with a 30ft catapult (built by Joe in 1976 to fire his wife Mary across the River Avon) loaded with chicken shit. Meanwhile, pensioner Len Fountain,constructed a booby trap primed with homemade explosives. His device successfully fired, but not at the intended target - Len shot himself in the leg.

Others are attempting to deter thieves with a complex web of hi-tech devices. Mark Kahl has so far spent £20,000 securing his 3 bedroom semi-detached property in Milton Keynes with 13 CCTV cameras. Despite already having such extensive security the film follows Mark boosting his defences further – including the installation of a 'smoke screen' (in his shed) and an inquiry for a panic room.

Break-in And Make My Day goes where no burglar will dare to go – into the homes of Britain's ultra high-security conscious … and those that lie in wait for uninvited guests.


"What a fine, funny, fascinating little documentary this is."
The Observer

"[An] extraordinary film"
The Guardian

"4/5 Stars Pick of the day"
Mail on Sunday