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Channel 4

4 x 3 minutes
Transmitted January/February 2009
A Century Films production for
3-Minute Wonder, Channel 4

Liam Iandoli
Production Manager
Sue Collins
Jono Griffith
Executive Producer
Brian Hill
Produced & Directed by
Deborah Anzalone


My Home Is My Shoes (2009)

These films focus on four people from different parts of the world who each live in London. What they each share is a strong bond with their homeland and one of the ways they connect with their culture is through their music and dance.

Will- Tap Dancer from Detroit, America.

Geraldo- Tango dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Yuko- Geisha dancer from Kyoto, Japan.

Dana- Folk dancer, whistler, singer of folk songs from Transylvania, Romania.

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