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Channel 4

1 x 30 minutes
Transmitted February 2010
A Century Films production for
First Cut, Channel 4

Stuart Briggs
Executive Producers
Katie Bailiff Liesel Evans
Filmed, Produced & Directed by
Peter Beard


Young, Angry And White (2010)

Young, Angry and White is a portrait of teenage nationalism in the UK today. In July 2009 we saw the BNP poll nearly 1,000,000 votes and be given a level of media exposure never witnessed before.

But it’s not just traditional voters swelling the ranks, a recent survey finding one in twenty young people would vote BNP. Against this backdrop new director Peter Beard follows 19-year-old Kieren, who is considering joining the BNP.

Kieren is looking for a home in the BNP but isn’t sure if it represents his views. Having been a fervent nationalist from the age of 15 Kieren is concerned that the BNP is losing it's radical edge and selling out its racial policies. His choice is made more difficult by the fact he comes from a moderate family who find many of his far right views shocking.

Kieren seems aware of the perils of his controversial choices, but will he ever be able to retreat from the hard-line position he has chosen for himself?

"Peter Beard's First Cut documentary is an eye-opener."
The Observer